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Planning your remodel project, Dream – Design – Build

Dream, Design, Build.  Pretty catchy don’t you think?   For us at Midwest Remodeling it’s more than a catchy phrase.  We build our reputation every project by meeting and hopefully exceeding our clients expectations.  We’re constantly asking ourselves what’s required to achieve that result. When this little catchy phrase is expanded you’ll see how it helps us achieve that goal.  

Dream, Design, Build sounds so easy but to make your project excellent requires us to really dig into your Dreams before we even start thinking about the Design and really dig into the Design before we start the Build.  

A few Dream things we need to know:

Why do you want to do this?  

What is NOT working about your current space?

Is this an interior project or do you want to add on a new room?  (We call that a footprint change)

What Functions do you need from the improved space?

How do you see the final project looking when its complete (Form)?  

Which is most important to you, Form or Function?

In many cases, the projects we Build  result in a completely new living style, which is great, if you’ve planned for it.  Over the next few weeks many of the posts for Midwest Remodeling are going to expand our slogan and help you resolve some of the challenges involved in the process of creating new spaces and possibly lifestyle for yourself.  We can’t resolve all of them in blog posts because some things require the input of a professional and that, of course, is exactly why we’re here.

A current project.

Shown below are plans for a soon to start project.  Just a glimpse of the Dream – Design – Build in action.

Current home layout

Finished Plan

Proposed and accepted plan

3D rendering of accepted plan

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