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Hidden Obstacles and Additional Costs

We remodel a lot of kitchens.  Most people don’t often think about the kitchen being the most complicated room in the house.  Every system in the house comes into focus in the kitchen.  Heating and air conditioning issues?  It’ll show up first in the kitchen.  Electric issues?  It’ll show up first in the kitchen.  Maybe the bathroom will have the biggest issue if there’s a plumbing problem but it won’t take long for it to show up in the kitchen.  With all these systems in one room it’s not unusual for hidden obstacles to show up when we start taking things apart.

Here’s what we see when we look at a job to quote:

Ok, we’ve already done a little work but you get the idea.  When we finish removing the bulkhead we get this:

Of course, sometimes there’s nothing in the bulkhead and we can proceed.   Unfortunately we can’t know what’s there when we write the quote so it’s time to write a change order for additional work.  We’ll talk about change orders in a future post.

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