Dreaming of a home update

Those of us that lived through the bell bottom pants and swallow tail shirt collar fashion phase look back and quietly shake our heads wondering what was so “cool” about it.  Many that own homes built in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s wander from the living room to the dining room to the kitchen to the family room shaking heads wondering why there are so many rooms. Only the kitchen and family room are used for day to day living. The balance of the space sits waiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas when the family comes home.  Even then it’s not unusual for everyone to crowd into the family room and kitchen so they can enjoy the holiday together.

Our experience shows that times like these are when the “dream” starts to form.  Someone says “ I wonder if it would be possible to get rid of some of these walls.  It sure would be nice if we could use the room we have and still be together.”

It’s possible!

Removing walls from houses built before the open concept came became the norm is one of Midwest Remodeling’s most recurring projects. Here’s a current project we’re working on.

               As you can see it’s going to completely change our client’s lifestyle.  No more wandering from room to room. No more unused space. No more crowded family gatherings.  It really is a “dream come true”.

No matter what your dream, outdoor living, room addition or new kitchen we can help. Achieving the dream space you’ve always longed for can become a reality. We can turn your dreams and ideas in to a design that will let you enjoy your living space more than you ever have.  

A HOUSE WITH HISTORY Part 2 (What did grandma like)

If you’re old enough to have grand kids I’m sure they’ve seen pictures of you in your teenage days and wondered how you could possibly dress the way you did.  Personally I sported bell bottom pants and shirts with huge collars.  Digging deep on a house with history will often give a glimpse at what previous generations liked in their home.  Old furniture and other personal belongings disappear as families come and go but wallpaper, paint and flooring just build up layer upon layer, generation after generation.  Finally the time comes to do a major update and we get to take a first hand look at the past.  Here’s a few pictures that offer a little view of the past.  Maybe you’ll chuckle, maybe you’ll remember grandma having something like it in her house.  Enjoy!

Used to be that wallpaper was used in many rooms of the house.  These day’s finding someone that can install wallpaper can be a real challenge.  Borders were often used to dress up the transition from wall to ceiling much as we use crown molding today.  Notice wallpaper was also used on the ceiling.

Here are three generations of linoleum flooring.  In a time when earth tones are all the fashion it appears grandma liked more color.

In the background lath is visible on the wall.  Before gypsum sheet rock was invented the little boards were nailed on every wall then covered with a layer of horse hair plaster.  Yes, horse hair really was mixed with plaster as a binding agent.  When a chunk of plaster is broken the hair can be seen sticking out of the plaster.


Welcome to the Midwest Remodeling Services news page.  Our goal is to provide tips, inspiration, and show some of the challenges involved in the remodeling business.  With a total of over 100 years experience in the construction business we sometimes feel like we’ve seen it all.  Of course, we get up and go to work the next day and a new, never before seen, challenge hits us in the face.  With the experience we have in house and the experience of our subcontractors these challenges can be met and resolved.

We’ll almost always have pictures and occasionally a video on the news page so stay tuned.

See you in a day or two.

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