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Marcy DeShong began learning the construction business from her family when she was a teenager. As a young mother of three, and with the support of her husband, Marcy began her business called Midwest Luxury Baths, Inc. in 1992. Here, she offered high-quality and quick bathroom remodels to residential clients all over Central Indiana.

Karen Shreves, Marcy’s daughter, began working in the family business at an early age. From the beginning, Karen had a flair for designing. Karen eventually pushed the family business to expand into whole home remodeling. And with that came a name change and Midwest Remodeling Services was born!

Most recently, Marcy’s other daughter, Beth Carey, joined the team in early 2019. Beth has had an extensive engineering and IT career working for some of the largest companies in Indiana. She is knowledgeable in both project management and people management. She is leading the Midwest Team as CEO.

Our Work

For over 25 years, we have been able to design within any budget and any dreams our clients may have, while not sacrificing on quality. We specialize in bathrooms, living in place (accessible) bathrooms, and kitchens. Projects involving wall removals to create open concept layouts are also one of our favorite things! They allow for massive design changes for our clients’ homes.

We aim to provide the best return on investment for our clients so they can enjoy the home of their dreams while knowing their improvements will add value to their homes.

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Our History

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Our long history in the construction industry begins in the 1950’s with Bud DeShong, who was a home builder in the Pendleton area. It then continued with his son, Jim DeShong, who served the Anderson area as a plumber. Then Jim’s son, Morris DeShong, learned the trades from his grandfather. He learned the art of custom home building, starting with the basics of home framing. After his grandfather’s retirement, it wasn’t long before Morris DeShong became a custom home builder in the Madison County area. Here, he followed his father, and grandfather, into the world of construction.

Marcy DeShong, Morris DeShong’s wife, learned the ins and outs of the construction industry from her husband’s family. As a young woman, she also studied architecture at Ball State University. After seeing an opportunity in the under-serviced bathroom remodeling market, Marcy began Midwest Luxury Baths, Inc. Her new company offered high-quality and quick bathroom remodels to residential clients all over Central Indiana.
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"The Tub Lady"

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Clients soon dubbed her ‘The Tub Lady’ and the nickname stuck. In 1999, the business grew to remodel nearly 100 bathrooms per year. Then Morris DeShong joined the adventure to run operations. Over the next 20 years, Midwest Luxury Baths remodeled several thousand bathrooms and was awarded the Consumer’s Choice Award in 2005 for outstanding service.

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