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Inspired Design – Solid Construction

Midwest Remodeling Services believes that the goal of your remodel project should be for the project to look like it has always been a part of your home, exterior lines that flow from the existing to the new, interior spaces that provide a smooth and invisible transition from the old to the new.  What is require to achieve this transformation?

Inspired Design It all starts with you sharing your ideas with our design professional.  Your ideas will be blended with our experience to enable us to provide you with a vision of your project.  Our space planning professional will take that vision and turn it into a visual reality using 3D design software.  You’ll be presented with a visual idea of what your new space will look like.

Solid Construction We’ve all heard the expression “It looks good on paper”.  Our construction professionals know how to take what “looks good on paper” and turn it into something that looks fantastic in your home.  There aren’t many companies that can take a plan and execute it in a way that makes the new and the old flow together as if it’s always been that way.  Midwest Remodeling Services can do that for you.

Meet Marcy and Karen.

If you do business with Midwest Remodeling Service you know Karen, what you might not know is that Marcy translates your hopes and dreams into working 3D drawings to give you a clear view of what your project will look like. Learn more about Marcy & Karen